DID you know a script is used to gain profit from computers that visit certain websites for cryptocurrency mining? This has been proved through The Pirate Bay incident that took the attention of people in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Actually, The Pirate Bay is not the only website that uses CoinHive scripts for the purpose. In 100,000 top websites, there are 2.2 percent of websites that uses CoinHive and JSECoin scripts to mine cryptocoin. More surprisingly, approximately 500 million PCs are being used as stealth for the same reason.

For readers information, disappointed to say that most of the websites that uses these scripts are from suspicious websites such as pronography websites. Thus, the only use that affected by cryptocurrency mining are the ones who visits these websites. This script uses the CPU source to mine cryptocoin. However, according to HiveCoin, users are able to choose whether or not to mine.

According to ZDnet report, The Pirate Bay received a total of $12000 Bitcoin when they used the script to mine through a heavy traffic on the website every month.

Additionally, the script CoinHive developer critizies the way the script is used by The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay does not let the users to close the script unless they use protection such as AdBlock Plus and etc.

Thus, we advise to all the internet users not to open or visit any suspicious websites and use anti-virus software such as Windows Defender, and also enable the AdBlock on your browser for security purposes.

Kredit: Nur Amalina Burhanuddin

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